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Efficient Government Services

The Xi’an Hi-tech Zone Government Affairs Service Center with 27 service units and 99 service counters is set to provide investors and businesses with services such as project approval, land acquisition, planning and construction, social security, labor and personnel, recruitment, administration of industry and commerce and tax registration.

Adopts one-stop service in one office building.


Sufficient Utility Supply


 Water Supply 

The water supply capacity of Xi’an is 1.9 million m3/day and will reach to 3 million m3/day by 2020.

Xi’an Hi-tech Zone adopts rain-sewage diversion drainage system. The maximum drainage capacity is 320,000 m3/day. There is 1 sewage treatment plant with capacity 200,000 m3/d in Xi’an Hi-tech Zone.

 Power Supply 

Xi’an has a sufficient power supply; the maximum power load is 3,696,000 KVA.

There are 8 substations in Xi’an Hi-tech Zone to provide high reliable electricity to all users.

 Natural Gas 

Xi’an has a sufficient gas supply; the capacity is about 1.2 billion m3/year. Natural gas calorific value is 8,000 kcal/m3, and the pressure to users is 2000Pa-2300Pa.


Xi'an is one of China's top six telecommunication hubs. At present, the outlet bandwidth leading to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou is 5,000M. Two 155M data lines from Xi'an to Shanghai International Telecommunications Outlet Bureau have been put into operation.

Xi’an Hi-tech Zone has achieved "1000M broadband in the community, 100M in the building and 10M in the computer.” A telecom branch with installed capacity of 180,000 and multiple optical fiber ring network has been established to provide 10M-100M optical fiber, ADSL and LAN access.


Complete Supporting Facilities

The Xi’an Hi-tech Zone is located in the south suburb of Xi’an, adjacent to new University Town (10km2) and to Caotang Eco-tour Zone (20km2) , 8km away from the foot of Qinling Mountain. Tang City Wall Ruins Park with 6 large theme parks already in the Xi’an Hi-tech Zone.


The Xi’an Hi-tech Zone has a first-class environment for basic education. Currently there are 11 schools, including primary schools, junior middle schools, senior middle schools and the Gaoxin International School.

Living environment

There are more than 200,000 residents, and plenty of middle and high-end residential communities at the Xi’an Hi-tech Zone, including New Maple-leaf City, Ziwei Garden City, Greenland Century City, Maple-forest Oasis, Hutchison Whampoa Yicui Garden, Lanting Pavilion and China Centenary City.

Leisure, Entertainment, Shopping and Medical Facilities

Hotels: Shangri-La Hotel (five-star), Greenland Holiday Inn (four-star), Swisstouches Hotel (four-star), Ziction Liberal Hotel (four-star), Crystal Island Hotel (four-star), Jiade Hotel (four-star), and Shaanxi State Guesthouse, etc.

Food & beverage: Starbucks Coffee, Domu, Qingduli, Portuguesa Restaurant, Green Molly, Backus, Sorabol, Haeundae, Pizza Hut, KFC, South Beauty, China Folk's Restaurant, Fangshang Ren, Lotus Restaurant, and Xi'an Restaurant, etc.

Shopping: Century Ginwa, Golden Eagle International, Super Brand Mall, Five Rings, Gome, CR Vanguard, Lotus Supermarket, Ren Ren Le, etc.

Entertainment: Oscar Ginwa Cinemas, Real Love Entertainment Plaza, Megafit Fitness Center, Shaanxi Swimming Hall, Yajian Golf, Tang City Wall Ruins Park, and Yongyang Park, etc.

Hospitals: Gaoxin Hospital, Tianjian Hospital and Changtai Hospital, as well as TWO district-level hospitals and ONE municipal-level hospital.


Subsidiary Parks

Pioneering Park: provides services including incubation, pioneering consulting, investment and financing promotion, training, project planning and declaration to start-up companies.

Software Park: focuses on the development of software and service outsourcing industry, certified as, National Software Industry Base, National Software Export Base, National Service Outsourcing Base City Demonstration Area.

New Software Town: with a planning area of 14km2, focuses on the development of new generation IT and hi-tech service industry under strategic emerging industries.

Chang'an Communication Industrial Park: with a planning area of 7km2, aims to build China's second largest communication industry base and competitive communication industrial cluster.

Electronic Industrial Park: aims to build a military and civilian integrated dual-use technology industry hub.

Caotang Technology Industrial Base: with planning area of 20 km2, is a new developing area within the hi-tech zone.

Bio-pharmaceutical Industrial park: with a planning area of 8.5km2, focuses on the development of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Environmental Protection Park: with a planning area of 5km2, focuses on the development of environment friendly industries.

Advanced Materials Park: with a planning area of 4.6km2, focuses on the development of advanced materials industries.

Talent Service Center: provides all-round HR services for enterprises, including personnel file management, introduction of high level talents, approval of recruitment advertising, graduate internship, and talent dispatching.

Export Processing Zone B District: with planning area of 1.338 km2, aims to build first-class export processing base and bonded logistics center.

Xi'an Hi-tech Comprehensive Bonded Zone: with planning area of 3.64 km2, integrates functions of bonded zone, export processing zone, bonded logistics zone and ports to develop international transit, distribution, procurement, transit trade and export processing business.

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