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◆ Xi'an has 5.1 million working population, and over 18% of them received university or above education.

◆ Xi'an has 47 academicians of CAS and CAE, and 650,000 professional technicians. More than 250,000 people are engaged in electronic information field.

◆ Xi'an has 50 government sponsored universities, including three national "Project 985" universities, eight national "Project 211" universities, three "National Model Software Colleges", and three "National Integrated Circuit Talent Training Bases".

       Seven universities have set up microelectronic specialties;

       Six universities from the first batch have been included into "China Outstanding Engineer Program" (61 universities in total in China);

       Two universities rank TOP 10 engineering universities in China;

       In IT-related specialties, local universities have obvious advantages, especially in the Information and Communication Engineering specialty, three local universities rank in the Top 20 within communication engineering;

       At the three graduate cultivation directions of Chinese universities in computer science and technology, Xi'an has obvious advantages:

       Two universities rank in the Top 10 for computer systems structure;

       Two universities rank in the Top 15 in computer software and theory;

       One university ranks in the Top 10 in computer application technology.

◆ By the end of 2011, there were 685,200 campus university students and 176,800 graduates. Five universities such as Xidian University had more than 13,000 graduates in IT-related specialties (including Computer, Software, Communications and Electronic Engineering).

◆ 40 private universities and 255,400 on campus students in Xi’an.

◆ Many vocational skill schools and professional training agencies foster more than 80,000 professional skilled personnel and industrial workers every year.

Data source: Website of the Ministry of Education

Statistics of IT-related Graduates from Some Key Universities of Xi'an in 2012

Name of university Bachelor Master Doctor Total
Xi'an Jiaotong University 848 545 118 1511
Northwestern Polytechnical University 1151 622 61 1834
Xidian University 3907 2100 222 6229
Chang'an University 599 88 4 690
Xi'an University of Technology 1085 332 18 1435
Xi'an Shiyou University 511 31 0 542
Xi'an Institute of Post & Telecommunications 2312 121 0 2433
Shaanxi University of Technology 709 51 0 760
Xi'an Polytechnical University 672 0 0 672
Northwest University 729 119 11 859
Total 12523 4009 434 16966

(From graduates information table of the above universities in 2012)

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