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Xi'an Hi-tech Industries Development Zone was the first high-tech industry standardization demonstration zone to be established in China, and the government has selected it is as one of the six domestic high-tech zones that will be developed into a world-class science park.

The sci-tech innovation competitiveness of the zone ranks third in China, and some of the world’s leading sci-tech projects in recent years were developed in the zone, including the three international wireless communication standards, China’s first SP30 super SPC switchboard, the country’s first piezoelectric ceramic transformer, as well as its first magnetic-optical current transformer, first digital and visual studio, first antenna for mobile communication base stations, first self-focusing lens, as well as its first targeting-agent using nanotechnology.

Over 90% of about 12,000 sci-tech achievements developed in the zone have self-owned intellectual property rights. On average, six sci-tech achievements are developed every day, every technological company owns more than two patents and one self-owned intellectual property right.

Three state level university sci-tech industrial parks offer advantageous opportunities for further development of enterprises in the zone.

Strong Research Capability

Xi'an has 672 research institutions above municipal level, 130 national key labs, technical research centers and industrial test centers, and more than 3,000 research and innovation institutions of all industry types.

Over 3,000 new technological results are developed every year, including 1,000 key technological results.

Some important components of "Shenzhou VI", "Shenzhou VII" and "Shenzhou VIII" are developed in Xi'an.

Products firstly developed in Xi'an, include:

China's first rocket engine;

First man-made satellite on-board control and communication equipment;

First integrated circuit (IC);

First line of power semiconductor devices.

Technological innovation in Xi’an Hi-tech Industries Development Zone

● 17 international standards, 230 national standards and 187 industry standards; invention patent authorization accounts for 41.9% of the whole province.

● New 26,344 IPRs in 2011, with year-on-year growth rate of 39.2%, accounting for 74.5% of the whole province.

● More than 2,600 returned Chinese overseas students, and 10 people listed in China’s "One-thousand Person Program".

● 20 enterprise postdoctoral workstations, accounting for 1/3 of the whole province.

● Results transformation platform

More than 100 large R&D centers, 19 national and industry testing centers, 8 national enterprise technology centers, 6 national engineering centers, and 93 engineering technology centers.

● Incubation and pioneering platform

13 national industrial bases, 20 incubators, 68 academician-based innovation and pioneering enterprises, 680 enterprises founded by returned overseas students, and 1,900 enterprises under incubation.

● Technology financial platform

Set up three industrial development funds with total amount of RMB 3 billion and pioneering investment guide funds with total amount of RMB 500 million, implement technology insurance innovation pilot projects, guide pioneering investment, and promote stock market listing and the cooperation between banks and enterprises.


 Xi’an Technology Resources Market

The market is the most dynamic technological platform for transactions, online exchanges and sci-tech services in central western China. It is made up of the online market and a service hall, and its functions include the following nine fields:


Transactions of technological achievements

This field concerns conducting the registration of sci-tech achievements and examining technological contracts and applications for technological transaction subsidies for research institutes, academic institutions, companies and individuals. Counters A1、A2、A3 and A6 in the service hall manage these transactions.

Equipment sharing

The market offers consulting services concerning the use of equipment, as well as equipment information registration and equipment testing. Counters B1 and B2 in the service hall handle equipment sharing.

Policy consulting and sci-tech company certification

The market conducts online consulting relating to sci-tech policies, policy implementation, and sci-tech company certification. Counters F1, F2, F3, F4, F8, F1 and A3 in the service hall deal with policy consulting and company certification.

Business start-up services

These services include consulting and training for business start-ups, recommendation of consultants, business registration, planning for business start-ups and promotion of start-ups. Counters B3、B5、B6 and B8 in the service hall offer these services.

Technology fairs

This field concerns organizing a themed monthly exhibition aimed at offering a display and transaction platform for technological achievements and inventions.

Online services

These services include online consulting and updated information about the market. The website is:


The market aims to help technological companies solve issues related to loans and corporate financing, and also to offer services such as financial planning, an investment service for start-ups, small scale loans, and loan guarantees. Counters A4、A7、A8、A9、A10、A11 and A12 in the service hall deal with financing.

Services in the hall

The 28 service counters in the hall provide services including legal consulting, management consulting, finance and taxation consulting, judicial expertise, market research and asset valuation.


This function concerns receiving guests and offering administrative support for market operations.


In 2012, the market organizing committee held over 200 activities relating to exchanges, attracting more than 160,000 participants, with the service hall alone handling over 18,000 cases.

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