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 Procedures for the establishment of foreign-invested businesses (JV AND WFOE)

Process Documents and other materials for application Department in charge Address and Telephone
Verification of Business name

1. Application for Pre-approval of Enterprise Name

2. Certificates of representative designated by investors or of the agent entrusted

Xi'an Administration for Industry and Commerce Hi-tech Zone Branch


Governmental Affairs Center, Tower A, 1 Jinye Road, Xi'an, China

Tel: +86-29-88314364

Project approval

1. Application for project approval to Xi’an High-Tech Zone

2. Report on project application (Reference: Notice of NDRC on the issuance of  general text of project application report)

3. Investor’s business license, business registration certificate, financial statement and capital credit certificate

4. Investment letter of intent, capital increase and M&A resolutions of the Board of Directors

5. A letter of intent for business financing if the investor uses bank credit financing

6. Environmental impact evaluation report issued by the authorities responsible for environmental protection

7. Verification report of the selected site issued by the planning authorities

8. Verification report of land use issued by the land and resources department

9. Confirmation documents issued by the authorities if the investor uses state-owned assets or land use rights for capital contribution

10. Letter of commitment for the authenticity of information

11. Power of attorney and ID card copy of an entrusted agent

Investment Service Bureau

Governmental Affairs Center, Tower A, 1 Jinye Road, Xi'an, China

Tel: +86-29-88855808

Submission of contract and articles of new enterprise for approval

1. Application for the establishment of FIEs submitted to Xi'an High-Tech Zone

2. Project approval application report and approval documents

3. Contract and articles of association

4. List of candidates for the board of directors, letter of assignment for directors and ID card copies, and list of supervisors, letter of assignment for supervisors and ID card copies; relevant resumes, if personnel mentioned above are inside China

5. A copy of business license or of registration certificate, and legal representative’s certificate

6. Pre-approval notice of corporate name

7. Relevant annexes regarding types of capital contribution:

(1) A list of equipment, if the investor uses equipment as capital contribution

(2) Certificate of ownership, validity document, statements of technical performance, practical value document, standards for valuation, pricing agreement signed by investors - if the investor uses technology and industrial property rights as capital contribution

8. A power of attorney and the authorized person’s ID card copy, if the above documents are signed by the authorized person

9. Credit certificate, with Chinese translation and translator’s signature attached

10. Copies of contracts regarding property leasing or purchase, and real estate ownership certificate of the landlord

11. Letter of commitment concerning the authenticity of the information submitted

12. Power of attorney and ID card copy of an entrusted agent

Investment Service Bureau

Governmental Affairs Center, Tower A, 1 Jinye Road, Xi’an, China

Tel: +86-29-88855808

Business registration

1. Application form for registration of foreign invested businesses

2. Approval document provided by the authorities and its copy

3. Articles of association

4. Pre-approval notice of corporate name

5. Investor’s qualification certificates

6. Appointment documents and ID card copies of directors, supervisors and managers

7. Appointment documents and ID card copy of legal representative

8. Capital verification certificate

9. Certificates of property rights transfer, regarding non-monetary property as first-time capital contribution

10. Certificate of corporate address

11. Minutes of the founding meeting

12. Pre-approval documents or certificates

13. Power of attorney

Xi'an Administration of Industry and Commerce, High-Tech Zone Branch

Governmental Affairs Center, Tower A, 1 Jinye Road, Xi’an, China

Tel: +86-29-88314364

Obtaining an Organization Code Certificate

1. Application form for Organization Code Certificate

2. Business license

3. Official seal

4. ID of legal representative

5. ID of the person in charge of the issue

6. Approval certificate of FIEs

Xi'an Administration Center for Code Allocation to Organizations

Municipal Governmental Affairs Center, Fengcheng 8th Road, Xi'an, China

Tel: +86-29-86785029

State tax registration

1. Business license duplicate

2. Organization Code Certificate

3. Certificates of registered address and production address

4. ID of legal representative

5. Capital verification report

6. Articles of association

Xi’an State Taxation Bureau High-Tech Zone Branch

Governmental Affairs Center, Tower A, 1 Jinye Road, Xi'an, China

Tel: +86-29-88333630

Local tax registration

1. Business license copy

2. Passport copy or ID copy of legal representative

3. Copy of Organization Code Certificate

4. Copy of property-leasing contract

5. Copies of contracts, articles of association, and agreements

6. Copies of approval documents and certificates issued by MOFTEC

Foreign Taxation Branch of Xi'an Local Taxation Bureau

Governmental Affairs Center, Tower A, 1 Jinye Road, Xi’an, China

Tel: +86-29-88325526

Foreign exchange registration

1. Registration form of basic information of overseas investment

2. Written approval of foreign exchange fund source for overseas investment

3. Overseas investment approval certificate

4. Written response of the NDRC, regarding resource exploitation-based overseas investments with Chinese corporate portion of more than $ 30 million(USD), and non-finance/non-resource exploitation-based investments with Chinese portion of more than $ 10 million(USD)

5. Written approval regarding finance-related overseas investments.

State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE), Shaanxi Branch

49 Gaoxin Road, Xi’an, China

Tel: +86-29-88150873

Customs registration

1. A duplicate and a copy of business license

2. Registration form of foreign trade operators and its copy

3. Approval certificate for foreign invested enterprises and a copy

4. A duplicate of tax registration certificate and a copy

5. A duplicate of Organization Code Certificate and a copy

6. Bank account license and a copy

7. A copy of articles of association

8. Corporate seal, the seal for customs declaration, and seal/signature of enterprise head or of the person in charge of declaration

9. Businesses must submit the following documents:

(1) Application form for self-declaration and registration

(2) Registration form of declaration entity and registration form of managerial staff

Xi 'an Customs of the People's Republic of China

No.19, Tangyan Road, Xi'an, China

Tel: +86-29-83196114


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