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        Operate in China à Explore Xian High-Tech Industries Development Zone (XHTZ)

        Should you ponder business operations in China (R & D-Centres, Production,Trade etc.),
        take a close look to  opportunities in XHTZ

        XHTZ is the imperative location in the Centre and Northwest of China or the operation of industrial settlements,

        particularly, if related to

Four leading industries;
ØElectronic information,

ØAdvanced Manufacturing,

ØBiomedical Industry,

ØModern Services,

See more(point to >> Infrastructure >> Investment Infrastructure)

Eight industrial clusters;
ØCommunication industry,

ØPhotovoltaic industry cum semi-conductor LED,

ØPower Equipment and energy technology,
ØElectronic Components,

ØAutomotive manufacturing,

ØSoftware and service outsourcing,


ØInnovative Services,

See more(point to >> Infrastructure >> Investment Infrastructure)

       and if entrepreneurs  wish to find


        ØAn ample and complete infrastructure within the Zone (more >> Infrastructure),

      ØA generous environment for the erection (more >> Getting Started) and operation (more >>

       Operation )of their settlement ,

        ØInviting living conditions (more >> Living Conditions),Careful services by XHTZ

       Øfor the registration phase (more >> Getting Started, and for the operation phase (more >> Operation)       oftheir companies.


        See below assorted Companies in XHTZ



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