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Virginia lines up to see Terracotta Warriors display

Updated: 2018-01-05 09:49:03 EmailPrint

China's Terracotta Warriors, a marvel of the world, have attracted more than 68000 visitors to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond.

The exhibition Terrtcotta Army: Legacy of the First Emperor of China, features 10 majestic terracotta figures, including a cavalry horse, among 130 works that tell the story of China's birth and the first emperor of China, Qin Shi huang(221-210 BC).

Gathered from 14 museums and archaeological institutes across Shaanxi province, the exhibition also features arms and armor, horse and chariot fittings, ritual bronze vessels, works in gold and silver, jade ornaments, precious jewelry and ceramics.

It is the first exhibition that the museum (VMFA) has presented in its 80-year history, which is devoted to the art and archaeology of ancient China. more than 40 objects in the exhibition have never before been dispalyed in the US.

"Chinese artists and Chinese culture have been making great art for more than 5000 years. Americans Know so little about the conitnuum of Chinese art history, how unbroken it is and how magnificent it is. So this is a way for us to show Virginia and America how magnificent the Chinese creative world has been, for millennia", VMFA director Alex Nyerges said at the opening reception of the exhibition at the Chinese embassy in Washington.

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